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Seeking out help can be challenging, so feel proud for taking the first step towards healing. I am a licensed psychiatrist offering medication consultation and management, psychotherapy, and combinations of both.


People often seek help in times of significant distress and while it is crucial to alleviate symptoms during these times of high stress, I believe that healing can go beyond that. One of the main tenets of my practice is that it is important (and possible!) to achieve contentment and wellness in a life that you believe is worth living. You shouldn't ever have to settle!


Another tenet of my practice style is that insight breeds psychological healing. By bringing knowledge of past experiences into conscious awareness, we can work to decrease suffering and identify maladaptive patterns of behaviors and feelings that make life more difficult. While I practice primarily insight-oriented therapy ("psychodynamic psychotherapy"), I incorporate my training in different modalities such as ACT, DBT, and CBT. While I am confident treating a wide array of disorders, I have a specialty interest in treating survivors of trauma and neglect, both physiological and emotional. 

Finally, I believe that the therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist is paramount for any healing to take place. Just like no two people are guaranteed to get along, you have no obligation to stay in treatment with the first therapist you meet (and if that's not me- that's ok! We will get you a referral elsewhere)! I am not a blank slate therapist; I share my thoughts, offer feedback, provide genuine empathy, and interject humor. I also encourage all of my patients to give me feedback- I want to know what is working for you and what isn't to make your experience in treatment better! 


** I seek to create an open, inclusive, and exploratory environment. All human beings are welcomed and embraced in my practice. **


In-person and telehealth appointments are offered.

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